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Women Leadership and Mentorship
May 22, 2017
ending hiv in women
Economic Empowerment of Women living with HIV
May 22, 2017
TREATMENT LITERACY AND CAPACITY BUILDING FOR YOUNG WOMEN LIVING WITH HIV supported by Tides Foundation / International Treatment Preparedness Caution-Collaborative Fund

This program is aimed at building the capacity of young women living with HIV aged 18 – 19 years to better understand, demand for and access sexual and reproductive health information and services including treatment of HIV.

The process involves calling for applications from young women living with HIV aged 18 – 29 from different parts of the country to participate in a five-day HIV treatment literacy training which includes a one-day visit to an HIV treatment centre to gain practical experiences. The selection criteria include:

** being female and HIV positive

** being with the ages of 18 – 29

** having good communication skills

** being comfortable discussing HIV/AIDS and issues of sexuality

** willingness to participate in an intensive 5-day residential training

** willingness to carry out community outreach activities to step down knowledge and skills

At the end of the training, each participant develops a work plan for program implementation in their constituency. The work plan includes the following activities:

** enlightenment programs with support groups and other organisations

** talks at treatment sites

** advocacy visits to relevant stakeholders including those in government

** treatment dialogue round-tables involving different stakeholders

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