Campaign to end violence and injustice against women and girls living with HIV

June 14, 2021

30-minute interactive radio programs reaching 30 million Nigerians aired on Radio Lagos in Yoruba and on Coal City FM, Enugu in Ibo. Subject experts selected from the women’s movements, government agencies, international development partners, the media, faith-based organizations and security agencies.


Topics discussed include:

  • COVID-19 and the incidence of gender-based violence and rights abuse
  • Understanding and enforcing the Lagos State law on protection against domestic violence and the Enugu State violence against persons law
  • Building media support to end all forms of violence against women and girls
  • Effective strategies to end violence against women and girls living with HIV 
  • Government responses to ending violence against women and girls
  • Accessing services by survivors of violence and rights abuse in Lagos and Enugu States – Challenges and prospects
  • Increasing male participation in addressing gender-based violence
  • Ending harmful traditional practices perpetrating violence against women and girls
  • Mitigating the impact of sexual violence against adolescent and young girls in Lagos State: Response by youth friendly centers in Lagos & Enugu States.
  • Curbing the high incidence of trafficking in women and girls in Nigeria.
  • The role of law enforcement agencies in addressing the challenge of violence against women and girls
  • The role of faith based organizations in ending violence against women and girls
  • Channels for reporting and seeking redress for survivors of gender-based violence 

Programs reached listeners in the neighboring states in of Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, Anambra, Oyo, Ogun, and Ondo States


Listeners expressed the continued need for gender equity, an end to male preference at the family and society levels, respecting the dignity of the girl child, economic empowerment opportunities for females and prompt reporting of all cases of GBV to appropriate agencies. Others were concerned about the need for effective support structures for survivors of violence, sustained community dialogues and engagement of community and religious leaders, effective partnership with law enforcement agencies to review the tedious and degrading process of providing evidence for cases of sexual assault.


Links to radio episodes

Otegee, Yoruba radio program (_web


Ozo Emezikwana, Igbo radio program

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