March 29, 2020
June 14, 2021

In 1985, Nigeria documented its first case of HIV infection in a thirteen-year-old girl named Mary. According to Nigeria AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS), Nigeria has a generalized HIV epidemic with a prevalence of 1.3% in adults 15-49 years, about 180,000 adolescents and young people (AYP) living with HIV. This implies that in Nigeria there are still new HIV infections amongst adolescents and young people despite the global UN targets of zero new infections launched in year 2000.  

Nigerian children who are living with HIV are growing into young adults with many of their psychosocial needs unmet. Research shows that most adolescents born with HIV have lost one or both parents, currently live in their third home after being tossed amongst relatives and are academically behind their peers because of the frequent moves. Unfortunately, many family members are unwilling to take in young orphans after the death of their parent or primary care provider (usually a grandmother) due to fear of HIV infection. 

What is Mary’s Home Project?

Lagos State licensed Mary’s Home, an orphanage in named in memory of 13-year-old Mary who died a lonely death as the index case of HIV in Nigeria. Our home provides vulnerable adolescent girls with a stable home, feeding and ensures access to education and health care services. Indigent children who live with family members or foster parents receive academic scholarships to post-secondary institutions. 

The home managed by PATA, is a charity project sustained donations from public-spirited individuals and other fundraising efforts.

How can you support Mary’s Home?

  1. Adopt a teenager or become a foster parent
  2. Make monthly or yearly contribution through 
  3. Organize a funding drive encouraging family, friends, colleagues and peers to donate
  4. Request a budget for corporate sponsorship of any of the items listed below 

Our needs 

  • Feeding
  • School uniforms, books, transportation and levies
  • Clothing and personal supplies 
  • Rent 
  • Utilities, repairs and maintenance 
  • Security and staff salaries 

For further information, send an email titled Mary’s Home to or call +234-809-872-8264. PATA will acknowledge your gift/donation and send regular updates and progress report on Mary’s Home.  

Support PATA 

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